Windows Phone’s Marketplace Will Not Get BlackBerry’s BBM Anytime Soon

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BlackBerry’s BBM is available for iOS, Android, as well as BlackBerry itself. Though, nothing is heard about the newly rising Windows Phone operating system. Microsoft’s WP Marketplace has been short of applications, including well-known and used applications. This is the case for BBM too, whereas the app will not be seen in the WP Marketplace anytime soon.

The news comes directly from BlackBerry’s senior director of BBM, stating that BBM will become available in Windows Phone devices when demand for it will suffice the investment in porting the application. This does not mean that Windows Phone will be discriminated though. BBM will also be ported to other platforms, including Microsoft’s WP operating system, but later on as it is expected. Looking at Vine and Instagram, both application eventually got ported to the WIndows Phone Marketplace, but only after the number of demands reached an acceptable number seen from a financial point of view.

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As all businesses out there, BlackBerry is always judging from a financial point of view. And currently, it does not make any sense to release a WP variant of BBM since there are not enough users interested in downloading the application on their Windows Phone powered devices, hence BlackBerry is most likely to lose money in porting the app rather than make more money by launching it on other platforms.

Currently Windows Phone is slightly surpassing BlackBerry in global market share, while iOS and Android are miles away. If Microsoft will make some serious changes in the new Windows Phone update which will be announced in April, maybe BBM will have a change in popping up in the Marketplace sooner rather than later.

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