Windows XP Has More Users than Windows 8.x, Not Bad for an OS That Is 14 Years Old

/ 3 years ago

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It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that there are still many people using Windows XP. Though, it may be surprising to learn that the desktop market share of the 14 year old OS has more market share than the recent Windows 8 versions (Win 8/ Win 8.1).

According to Net Application’s collected data Windows 8.x ended March with 14.07% of the market share for desktops. Windows XP ended the month with 16.94%, beating Windows 8.x by 2.87%.  Going back to November 2014 Windows 8.x had a combined market share of 18.65% against XP at 13.57%. Surprisingly November 2014 was the only month that Win 8.x beat out XP. This is pretty surprising given that XP is no longer officially supported by Microsoft, with support having been ended a year ago. Could this be the reason for Microsoft saying that Windows 10 will be a free upgrade? It would be a safe bet just by looking at the numbers, and with Windows 10 actually looking pretty great, it is a win for everyone.

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Source: Hot Hardware

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4 Responses to “Windows XP Has More Users than Windows 8.x, Not Bad for an OS That Is 14 Years Old”
  1. blockofdynamite says:

    lol at Mac OS

  2. Rhigaerd says:

    I actually have 2 HDD one with XP the other with Windows 7. I am swapping between them depending on what games i want to play, i run older games on XP rather than 7 for fewer OS related errors.

  3. Eoin Mc Namara says:

    When you think about it though, most businesses usually ran XP and never really needed to update their OS, fue to how cosly it could be, especially in hotels, restaurants, shops etc. only need access to a computer, not what’s on te more user orientated Windows 8.

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