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Windows XP Source Code Leaks Online

Given that official support for Windows XP ended around 6 years ago, it’s pretty clear that even if it’s just boiled down to people buying new computers or laptops, there’s not, in the grand scheme of things, that many people still actively using the operating system. Don’t get us wrong though, with a lot of critics surrounding practically every OS release Microsoft has made since Windows XP is still if not popular then at least fondly remembered.

As such, for many years now, people have regularly been asking Microsoft to release the source code for the operating system. Largely because (or at least we suspect) because people want to work at attempting to create their own ‘modern’ version of it. You know, taking what Microsoft did and seeing if it could be taken to a whole new level. While this has never officially been done, however, a report via Twitter is claiming that the source code has officially been leaked and is currently available to download on 4Chan.

Windows XP Source Code

Although I have not physically 100% confirmed this to be accurate (because I’d almost rather put my testicles in a vice than spend any amount of time on 4Chan) having briefly checked the board, the leak does appear to be accurate with many people confirming that this is indeed the source code.

Now, how it ended up on there is certainly something of a mystery. It does, however, clearly raise the question of if this will introduce any new potential threats to Windows XP users. The source code is, after all, one of the best resources to find exploits or faults. – Well, the short answer to that question is yes, but probably not!

What Do We Think?

The current ‘active’ desktop market share for Windows XP is only around 1% at the time of writing. As such, it’s exceptionally unlikely that any hacking groups or individuals would put any significant time into finding a yet unknown security bug within it. Put simply, it just isn’t worth the time anymore!

Still, with the source code apparently out in the wild now, who knows. Maybe in the hands of more resourceful people, we may get an unofficial 2021 edition of Windows XP that’ll be fully compatible with modern hardware. And, I must admit, I’d be more than a little curious to try that out! Well, skipping over the fact that it wouldn’t technically be legal since this code is, after all, still technically the legal property of Microsoft.

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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