Winner Of The Club3D R9 280X royalKing 3GB Graphics Card Giveaway Announced

/ 4 years ago


At the start of October, to “celebrate” the launch of AMD’s R9 280X, we gave our readers the opportunity to win a Radeon R9 280X royalKing overclocked 3GB graphics card from Club3D. We apologise for the delay in announcing the winner to this competition and without any further ado let us get on and announce the winner.

The winner of the Club3D royalKing R9 280X 3GB graphics card is……

A big congratulations to the winner and thank you to everyone who entered – your support is greatly appreciated and allows us to bring you bigger and better competitions.

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  • rodneigh

    DAMN IT!

  • rodneigh

    BOLLOX 🙁

  • Jason Philip Smith


  • Henry Ronson

    Congrats Ben!

  • Simon Butler

    Awesome win Ben, congrats, hope you enjoy ^^

  • backwardgamer


  • Samuel Wan


  • arthemus30

    congratulations winner. Ben Rees

  • slugbug55

    Congrats to the lucky winner.

  • Skidmarks

    Congrats. Well done.



  • mike laurence lucero

    congratulation 🙂

  • Royal Delinquent

    GRATZ Ben you lucky…. LUCKY bugger 😉

  • Terrence TeeBlack Hardy

    congrats to the winner.

  • Sean Patrick DeMarco

    Gratz Big Ben

  • mrcapncaveman


  • alan tan

    ha! sucker who didnt claim the prize

  • Curtis Corse

    I bet Ben will be kicking himself when he realizes he missed out on this prize. Congrats Michael!

    • Michael Lovejoy

      Thanks buddy. Hope they get my comment in time. Not exactly sure how to claim

      • Curtis Corse

        I think you just need to message them on Facebook. Or did the send you an email?

  • Erenhardt

    three times a charm!

  • Haysleyez

    Dangit, out of 999 ppl I owuld be the 1 without a win ffs! *sigh* congrats winners

  • Mark Woodcock

    what a shame … and congrats !!

  • Michael Lovejoy

    Can’t believe I was selected second! I would like to claim my prize. Thanks a million Eteknix!

    • Stephen Saunders

      Grats dude. That’s awesome. It was meant to be yours.

      • Michael Lovejoy

        Signed in as a guest right now because my internet is being wonky. I only had to comment to claim right? Thank goodness for the message I received in my other message folder on Facebook!

      • Michael Lovejoy

        Thanks for the grats!

    • Andy should have messaged you on Facebook. It will be in your “other” message inbox (not your primary FB inbox). If Andy hasn’t sent you a message on FB then please email him at aruffell(at)eteknix(dot)com

      • Michael Lovejoy

        Thanks for the quick reply. Sent you and email because I wasn’t sure who to send it to. I’ll shoot him an email with my info.

    • Jay

      Grats man!

    • 63Jax

      use the crap out of it!!!! :)))

    • Craig The BabelFish

      Congrats man!

  • congrats

  • Branden Jew

    can you redraw for the second card?

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