Wireless Calling With The Help Of An Earpiece Discovered In The Upcoming TalkBand B1

/ 4 years ago


There is a lot of competition going around in the wearable devices market, having manufacturers keeping it a secret, with a few leaks every now and then. However, just as HTC, Huawei isn’t keeping it a secret.

Therefore, its ‘unexpected’ reveal of the TalkBand B1 shown us exactly what it has revealed about the smartband in the past, having a 1.4-inch flexible OLED display. Though we learn of a new feature added to the TalkBand B1, and that is its support for wireless calling, having a removable earpiece hidden inside it.

The earpiece now explains why the 14.6 mm thick bulk is for, it is designed to be the hidden compartment for the feature and not just a bump in the smartband. Aside from that, it also presents the usual fitness tracking features, such as caloric burning analysis.

There is also a sleeping pattern monitor, having it be a smart alarm to wake up the user at an optimal time. Besides that, it also has NFC for easier pairing with phones and a 90 mAh battery which is said to last six days (having a two hour long charging process).

No pricing has been revealed for the TalkBand B1 just yet, though it is said to be released in China next month, followed by the rest of the world in Q2.

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