The Witness is a Truly Unique Game for the PS4

/ 3 years ago


During the PlayStation Experience event last month, Sony was showing off some truly incredible games, with one of those being the not-so-much talked about ‘The Witness.’

The Witness is a PS4 exclusive puzzle game, which is designed to be a very non-linear game where people don’t get bored, but it’s also super accessible, and incredibly hard at the same time. The video below will do a good job at showing you what the game will be like, which I have to admit, is one of the most unique, totally different games I’ve ever seen, ever.

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Source: Kotaku.

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One Response to “The Witness is a Truly Unique Game for the PS4”
  1. Catalyzer says:

    Please make a correction in the article , this game also releases on the PC platform and isnt just a PS4 exclusive.

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