Wolfenstein Reboot Coming To Current Gen, Next Gen & PC This Year

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Wolfenstein is one of the most highly regarded pieces of gaming history, not only was the game one of the first (although debated to be the actual first by many) FPS and Wolfenstein Enemy Territory was a precursor to free-to-play and for its time, offered gorgeous graphics, ragdoll physics and some absolutely classic multiplayer deathmatch gaming that still holds are fond spot in my memory.

The new game will be called Wolfenstein: The New order and is set to be a cross generation action adventure shooter, hailing from the talented developers at MachineGames in Sweden. MachineGames are made up of former developers of Starbreeze Studios and a few others, known for their work on games such as The Darkness.

Best of all, aside from the fact that there is a new Wolfenstein gaming coming out! Is that it will be hitting the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC and Next-Gen consoles, which I can only assume refers to the PlayStation 4 and Next-Xbox.

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The new game will offer up new adventures for fans of the series but will also be somewhat of a re-imagine of the original works and given that it’s powered by the powerful tools of the “id Tech 5” game engine, it should pack quite a visual punch too.

No solid release date has been given yet, but the game is said to arrive in Q4 this year for all the formats, but with the launch of Next-Gen tipped for November, I would prepare for a Christmas launch.

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  1. Yeah. Killing Nazi’s never gets old. I hope it also has a cool 60’s soundtrack.

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