Wolfenstein: The New Order Goes Free on the Epic Games Store!

Everyone loves a free game, right? I mean, especially so with the bank holiday weekend upon us! – I know for a fact that despite my boy being off from school (which by proxy usually means an entire daytime of Peppa Pig watching) we grown-ups have perhaps a bit more spare time than we might usually get to see!

Well, unless you’re one of those with that somewhat bizarre aversion to the Epic Games Store, we have some excellent news for you! – As part of their latest giveaway, users can claim, own, and keep forever, right now, a copy of the truly excellent Wolfenstein: The New Order!

Wolfenstein: The New Order – Free on the EGS!

Just to clarify where this sits in the ‘Wolfenstein’ franchise, because there are more than a few new releases under that umbrella, ‘The New Order’ is the first release as part of the series reboot. – Coming out in 2014, while clearly not new, this is still a pretty awesome game that even after 8 years continues to hold up exceptionally well! – And better still, for those of you with perhaps a somewhat ageing PC, its dated specifications would, at least in theory, suggest that this should be capable of running on anything even mildly relevant!

Now admittedly, I think that its ‘New Colossus’ sequel was a vastly improved title, for those of you with an Epic Games Store account, however, you can get to try out the ‘original’ right now, for absolutely nothing!

Where Can I Grab My Game?

Available for exactly one week (depending on when you read this), you can claim your free copy of Wolfenstein: The New Order by simply creating an Epic Games Store account and downloading the launcher. – From there, you should see it prominently displayed on the front page where you can snag it, right now, for free!

Alternatively, if you want to learn more about it first, you can check out its official store website via the link here! – And yes, we know some of you hate this platform, but given that this is on Steam for £14.99, it’s hard to argue with the price on the Epic Games Store at the moment!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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