Woman Gets $3,000 Charge From iTunes App Store

/ 5 years ago

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If you have an Apple device or even an Android device you are most likely well aware of apps and how they work. Some apps are free to download, others can cost you. Personally I have let my son play on my iPod, I do not give him the password, and I do not let him download anything. I thought that this was enough, apparently not.

CBC news reported today that a woman allowed her twin 7 year old boys to use the family’s iPod and iPad, they have the same rule that I have in place, do not download anything without permission.

The boys were playing a game that was free to download, but the catch like with many free to play games, is in-game content. In order to play the game the boys needed to log into the iTunes store, then they were free to play the game. As they would play the games, there were most likely pop-ups telling the boys that they could get a certain item, maybe even an additional life for some money.

The woman racked up $3,000 in credit card charges from the iTunes store, just from the one app. She can give us a good story though, Apple will be offering her a refund. Not everyone is so lucky though.

Apple has a setting to restrict in-app purchases, while Android devices restrict purchases with a password. Do you think that she should get a full refund, or was it her fault for not paying attention to how the game works before allowing her young boys to play the game?

Thank you CBC for providing us with this information.

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3 Responses to “Woman Gets $3,000 Charge From iTunes App Store”
  1. Craig Frank says:

    I think she deserves a refund and there should also be a maximum allowable price for in-app purchases. The screen showing a game item for almost $100 is insane and they should not be able to charge more that a few dollars for any items.

  2. JonasTone says:

    Just like EA and Facebook games/apps, Tetris blitz for instance, has the option to purchase in game coins for using boosts and bonuses as cheap as £1.50 for a few thousand gold coin things, to as expensive as £250 for a few million coins, why are they allowed to charge such nonsensical prices for in game items that have no real value, the same is for SIMCITY SOCIAL on facebook before it was canceled by EA, the sold “diamonds” to speed up game building and so on, the most expensive pack was over £200, who in their right minds would pay for this sort of thing. I suppose there are people who do, or they wouldn’t continue to do so. I find it frankly ridiculous.

  3. Wayne says:

    Shame. It sounds like it was just ignorance on both her and her sons part but after this incident she’ll learn quickly. Apple can well afford to give her a full refund and I hope they do. It’ll help convince us all part that they’re not the mean, money grabbing, arrogant S.O.B’s that we all know they are. Who knows, it might even be good PR for them.

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