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Woman with Malware in USB Arrested at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Resort

Now Facing Federal Criminal Charges

A Chinese woman is facing charges after she illegally entered President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-lago resort in Florida. Her name is Yujing Zhang, and she has two Chinese passports during the arrest. She also has a laptop, four phones, and a USB drive. The thumb drive is of particular interest considering the authorities describe it as containing “malicious malware.

How Did She Get into the Mar-a-lago Resort?

The Mar-a-lago staff apparently let her in assuming she was related to another resort member with the same name. The language barrier also reportedly made it difficult for the staff to communicate with her, so they just gave her access. Zhang’s initial claim was that she was just there to use the pool.

However, upon further questioning, it was clear that she is not in the approved guest list. After which, she claims that she is there to attend a United Nations Chinese American Association event. Although there is actually no such event on Mar-a-lago’s calendar.

According to Miami Herald however, it appears that Zhang is actually there to participate in one of two events. First is a “Safari Night” to benefit a local charity. While the other is the “International Leaders Elite Forum”, designed to connect influential US businessmen with Chinese entrepreneurs.

Bizarre Story Gets Crazier

Both of the events are apparently promoted by Cindy Yang. She is a local South Florida massage parlor owner whose clientele include powerful men in the US. Most recently, she was in the news after Football team owner Robert Kraft was charged for soliciting prostitutes in one of her establishments.

She is also allegedly selling access and facilitating meetings between various powerful individuals, and using her relationship with President Donald Trump as a selling tool.

What Will Happen to Her Now?

Officials did not make it clear if the President was stating at Mar-a-lago that weekend of March 30th when Zhang was there. Thankfully, he was away playing golf.

Zhang is now facing two federal crime charges following an interview with the Secret Service. One of which is making false statements and unlawfully entering a restricted area. If guilty, she is facing a maximum of six years in prison and a fine of $350,000 USD.

Ron Perillo

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