Working Apple I Computer Sets Auction Record At $632,590

/ 5 years ago


There are just six of the original Apple computers in the world that still actually work, but only one of them was being shown off to bidders last Friday before going up for auction over the weekend.

Estimates where that the computer could fetch a staggering $400,000 but that quickly went out the window when the device raked in a mind blowing $632,590 at the Breker auction in Cologne, Germany.

With over 3000 times the processing power of the modern iMac, the Apple 1 isn’t going to be winning any performance benchmarks any time soon, but with it being the company’s first ever model it’s hundreds of times more expensive and endlessly more exclusive and rare.

Last year the same auction house sold one of the other six Apple I’s for $640,000 while a New York auction house sold one for $374,500 but that’s obviously nothing compared to the $632,590 that this most recent sale collected, making this the most expensive Apple computer to date.

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Not only is this computer rare, but it was also hand built by Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple and while Apple might get a lot of stick these days for being money grabbers it’s amazing to see just how far the company has come and the Apple I is the crown jewel of that historic timeline.

With an original retail price of $666.66 in the mid 1970s it’s safe to say that the value of these computers have gone up considerably. The buyer has remained anonymous but Breker auction house did say that the “an Asian client has purchased a functioning 1976 Apple I at a record price.”



Image courtesy of Breker

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4 Responses to “Working Apple I Computer Sets Auction Record At $632,590”
  1. rienholt says:

    You need a proofreader. There are several errors that make this article difficult to read. First, you claim that the Apple 1 is 3000 times more powerful than an iMac. I assume you meant less. Second, you claim that this is “the most expensive Apple computer to date” but whether you mean the model or this specific computer is extremely ambiguous.

    • Donut says:

      I find this to be the case with most articles I find on here and over at KitGuru as well, it can really detract from an otherwise very interesting piece.

  2. Wayne says:

    I still have a working Apple IIe stuffed away in my garage (at least it was working when I packed it away). I wonder if it’s worth anything? Hopefully one of my grand kids will sell it in the future because I have no interest in selling it. It’s the only Apple product I ever bought and it was reasonably priced for what it was in the day,,, Far cheaper than an IBM equivalent.

  3. marty1408 says:

    I wonder if Steve Wozniak regrets not keeping a garage full of them and to sell them one by one whenever he wants some extra cash.

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