Working iPhone Created in Minecraft!

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I’ve seen people create some truly incredibly things in Minecraft, such as working hard drives, CPUs and even a version of Minecraft that can be played within Minecraft; bonkers! Having played the game myself for many hours, I’m amazed at how people can do such complicated things with this game. I’ve built a nice house and a railway system, but that’s where my technical knowledge runs out.

The new mod is built-in two parts. To one side there is a giant structure that acts as the CPU and storage for the iPhone, that’s where all the controls and commands you see being used are processed. Pretty much all of the technical stuff is done with command bricks and Redstone. The second part is the phone, which is obviously huge compared to the real iPhone, allowing you to run around the surface of its screen and control the device.

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What’s impressive is that the creator of this has made the phone highly interactive; there are working buttons, apps, games and more!

The video below is in German, but the video is pretty self-explanatory.

Thank you TweakTown for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of TweakTown.

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