Working RC Plane Created Using 3D Printing Pen

/ 3 years ago

3d printed plane

Last year we brought you news of the 3Doodler, a pen that draws in plastic, allowing you to do some free-hand 3D printing of your own, without the need for a larger base standing unit. We had pretty much forgotten about this little gadget until today, but we’re glad it’s back!

Drawing a picture of an plane is one thing, but picking up your picture then actually taking it out to fly is certainly something new. Matt Butchard created his own remote controlled toy plane with the 3Doodler and this one really flies.

Of course he had to add a few extras to the plastic frame, such as a prop, motor and some special material to cover the wings, but the framework is all done by hand with the 3Doodler and it’s a great demonstration of who someone could mock up a super quick prototype by hand.

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The plane stalled and crashed after a few seconds, but it’s not like it would be hard to fix given the construction methods. At just $99 each, these 3D pens have a lot of potential for goofing around and could even just offer a quick way of patching up your items, much in the same way we use superglue or duct tape.

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Thank you PopSci for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of PopSci.

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