World Largest Arcade Machine is Taller Than an Elephant

/ 2 years ago


Jason Camberis, a network engineer from Chicago, doesn’t do things in a small way! He’s gone and built the worlds largest arcade machine and it’s so large, it stands taller than an elephant! This monster of a machine is now officially the world’s largest arcade machine and has been verified by Guinness World Records and for so many reasons, I can’t see anyone bothering to try beat that record anytime soon. The last system to set this record was created in 2007 and let’s be honest, it’s already venturing on the edge of unplayable.

44-year old Camberis spent two years building the gargantuan arcade machine, which clocks in at a very impressive 14 feet and 5 inches, as well as 6 feet wide! This is no simple build though, as it’s built completely to scale, with giant joysticks, buttons and even a giant coin slot, albeit the slots are just for show, as he didn’t make giant quarters.

All the buttons and sticks are fully functional, so there’s nothing stopping you from playing the machine, assuming you can reach the controls. As you can see, it makes a fully grown man look like a small child. Of course, there’s also the fact that there are few people who own homes capable of housing such a large system; I still want one though!

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