World of Warcraft Recreated in Unreal Engine 4

World of Warcraft is almost 15 years old now. In terms of PC-graphics age, that obviously means it is more than ancient. While it may not have the most impressive, cutting-edge graphics, fans otherwise love the game and the universe Blizzard has crafted.

One dedicated fan named Daniel L, decided to pay homage in his own way. By recreating some familiar World of Warcraft settings using Unreal Engine 4. Compared to the default WoW graphics engine, Unreal Engine 4 allows users to create much larger and detailed worlds.

Obviously, this is no easy feat. So it took Daniel L almost 5-years to make. Now he has made a compilation of what he has done so far. Showing a tour of Grizzly Hills, Elwynn Forest, Duskwood, Westfall and Durotar within a 12-minute video. The only missing piece are actual characters. Nonetheless, these are so well-done that it easy enough to imagine a WoW game with this much detail.

Are There More of These World of Warcraft Videos?

So far, all the content on his page are related to World of Warcraft. Other than the compilation video, he also has individual videos for each location which you can see below:

How Does He Recreate These Worlds?

For those interested in the creative process, Daniel L has also uploaded a “Making Of” video, showing users the painstaking process of putting in all the relevant details.

To keep up with his future World of Warcraft projects, make sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel.

Ron Perillo

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