World’s First Mac Pro Data Centre Opens for Business

/ 3 years ago

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Apple’s 2013 Mac Pro isn’t the sort of thing you’d expect to find packed up in a server rack, but one hosting company, aptly named MacStadium, has built an entire data centre with the shiny tube of aluminium.

The system, which consists of custom built racks that can store 160 Mac Pros, is apparently more power-efficient, cooling-efficient and secure than many other more established platforms. The company that already offered Mac mini data centre products, told Cult of Mac that they intend to encourage businesses to see the Mac platform as a viable alternative.

“If they can get people on the platform it makes sense, especially in small businesses where they tend to throw a Windows server in the closet, forget about it and then get infected,” Chapman said. “You can now have a hosted Mac platform that can keep you out of that.”

Customers will be able to choose from a variety of operating systems, OS X of course, but also Windows and Linux. They’ll also be able to rent access to a single Mac Pro in the data centre instead of having to face the immense cost of buying one.

Source: Cult of Mac

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