World’s First Smart Bed Auto-Adjusts as You Move During the Night

/ 3 years ago

rest smart bed

Responsive Surface Technology has unveiled the world’s first smart bed at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Fair in Las Vegas. The ReST bed boasts a proprietary smart fabric with in-built sensors that track the user’s sleep habits, including their body posture, during the night.

18 air sensors inflate and deflate around the user while they move around the bed to provide superior support to the body during sleep. The air sensors can even be programmed to provide different levels of support depending on the user’s preferences, from firm to soft.

A double ReST bed will cost $5,000, while a queen-sized model is priced at £7,000. Both go on sale in March. ReST are also working on a king-sized version, with independent sensing areas for two people.

Source: Engadget

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