World’s first tablet with morphing tactile touchscreen keyboard demo

/ 5 years ago

During CES 2013, a company called Tactus Technology was showing a touchscreen technology that creates lumps on the device’s touch panel whenever the keyboard comes up on the screen.

Tactus is a California-based company and has this morphing tactile technology that is currently available for tablets. The company is hoping that it would be able to attract companies such as Samsung, Sony and Motorola should they be interested in incorporating lumpy keyboards on their portable devices. As soon as the keyboard is minimized, the lumps on the touchscreen becomes flat after few seconds.


This will be very useful in smartphones or portable devices where you are able to use both of your hands to type or use it with a remote control app for your smart TVs or anything close to it. A lot of people prefer tactile buttons, but since most of the portable devices use touchpanels, this is as close as you can get so far to have tactile keys.

Via: Toms’ Hardware

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4 Responses to “World’s first tablet with morphing tactile touchscreen keyboard demo”
  1. Imagine porn being played on tactile screens….just saying

  2. There are 2 kinds of people.

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