World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Retribution Paladin Getting Reworked

According to Blizzard, retribution Paladins, a new class in World of Warcraft, has announced that it will soon receive a massive overhaul. The build as it is now has received a lot of criticism from the players due to its terrible DPS performance and high death rate, among other things. The overhaul is aimed at making the Paladins more competitive and appealing to players.

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

This is another in a long line of Blizzard’s attempts at keeping World of Warcraft going and leads to keep the game going. Blizzard has given the game constant updates since its release in 2004, with Dragonflight being the ninth expansion.

The announcement was positively received by players on their official forum and players are eagerly waiting for the changes promised by Blizzard.

Details of Retribution Paladin Rework

The Retribution Paladin talent tree is set to be fully reworked in patch 10.0.7. Here are the main goals that Blizzard aims to do in the Retribution Paladin rework:

  • Reducing Button Bloat: The current build has a large number of abilities, some of which are unnecessary and inefficient. The rework aims to reduce the number of abilities and make the gameplay more focused.
  • Improving Stacking Modifiers: There are currently several talents and abilities that provide stacking bonuses, leading to a confusing playstyle. The rework intends to make core abilities feel good and powerful in all situations, while also allowing options for sustained damage.
  • Increasing Survivability: Retribution Paladins have one of the highest death rates across all forms of content, which does not feel right for a plate-wearing class with hybrid healing. The rework aims to strengthen the specialization through passive bonuses and improved active abilities and cooldowns while maintaining the challenge of being a melee-based spec.
  • Improving Maneuverability: The rework aims to make improvements to the specialization’s manoeuvrability, though it will not be on par with the mobility of Rogues.
  • Improving Utility: The changes in Dragonflight have caused conflict for players, forcing them to choose between group benefits or self-benefit. The rework aims to make changes that allow players to feel good and improve their damage while also providing group benefits.

Blizzard is eagerly awaiting more feedback from players and is looking forward to sharing more about the Retribution Paladin during the 10.0.7 test cycle.

Blizzard Entertainment is taking the necessary steps needed to fix the Retribution Paladin one of the weakest specializations in World of Warcraft Dragonflight. The overhaul will focus on improving stacking modifiers, button bloat, high death rate, manoeuvrability, and utility. Players are eagerly waiting for Blizzard to fulfil these promises and see what new changes they bring to Dragonflight.

Have you tried the Retribution Paladin yet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

James Cusworth

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