X-Men Fan Creates Magnetic Shoes To Walk On the Ceiling

/ 3 years ago

magneto boots

British inventor Colin Furze has been busy fulfilling his dreams of becoming one of the X-Men. The somewhat enthusiastic inventor has created a pair of magnetic shoes to allow him to walk along the ceiling, so long as that ceiling is made of metal of course.

Inspired by Magneto’s ability to control metal, he created the boots from parts he found at his local scrap yard. Using an old microwaves transformer, which he stripped down for its magnetic coil, ran a current through it and found that the magnet could support up to 80KG, then it was simply a case of stripping all this to his feet and adding some control switches.

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[youtube width=”800″ height=”450″]http://youtu.be/uRKHCRR9-C4[/youtube]

This isn’t even the first X-Men inspired creation that Furze has worked on, only recently he released a video of his real-life Wolverine retractable claws.

Thank you Colin Furze for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of YouTube.

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4 Responses to “X-Men Fan Creates Magnetic Shoes To Walk On the Ceiling”
  1. Wayne says:

    Terrible music, maybe if he listened to Lionel Richie’s “Dancing On The Ceiling”…

    • Alistair Hardy says:

      He always uses music from the same band.
      I’m pretty sure his following would be in absolute uprour if he changed it, especially to Lionel Richie…

      • Wayne says:

        Lol. How about “Living On The Ceiling” by blancmange then? That’s little more rowdy and upbeat although it’s still from the same era.
        Just kidding.

  2. Alistair Hardy says:

    Been following Furze for a while now.
    He’s made a wall of death in a field using pallets, has the record for the fastest pram and the fastest mobility scooter.
    He’s made push bikes powered by pulse jets and turbo jets (using a turbo from a deisel engine).
    Brilliantly (of not madly) clever and not afraid of a few bumps.

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