XBONE Gets Processor Upgrades

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In a bid to allow gamers to experience proper frame-rates, the Xbox One has just been confirmed receiving an upgraded higher-speed, lower-power 20nm AMD processor.

On top of giving the Xbox a little more grunt, AMD’s 8-core Jaguar GCN architecture GPU processor will be receiving an upgrade which is claimed to provide a cheaper cost, reduced power consumption and improvements to heat management. The current offered chip is rated at 28nm in all Xbox One production models and can be seen also utilized in Sony’s PS4.

This upgrade information was leaked through AMD’s Daniel McCann posting company secrets on his Linked In page, claiming “successful planning and implementation of Microsoft’s Xbox One host 28nm processors and more low-cost 20nm process processor”.

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It’s rumored that the new 20nm processor may be up to 30% faster than its 28nm predecessor whilst consuming 25% less power. Still confused about what the ‘nm’ actually means? 28nm means that each transistor located in the chip measures one 28th thousand-millionth of a meter, when compared to the smaller packed 20nm.

Unfortunately, there is no current release schedule posted publicly for release – we’ll certainly report as soon as Microsoft releases an official statement.

Information thanks to Chiphell

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14 Responses to “XBONE Gets Processor Upgrades”
  1. Wayne says:

    Already in dire need of an upgrade yet they haven’t been released in a lot of regions yet? Not that I give two wags of a lambs tail.

  2. George says:

    Why upgrade the frιckin’ processor?
    Idiotic Microsoft.

  3. Wayne says:

    To be fair, I think this is a good idea. Car manufacturers release facelifts that improve performance and introduce more features. Since the core architecture isn’t changing and they can increase the performance think that’s a great idea.

    And it also allows me to put my current XONE in another room of the house.

  4. Tim Sutton says:

    Come on guys, use your heads.

    Microsoft won’t be changing the speed of the processor as that would effectively mean 2 different consoles to develop for.

    They’ll just be dropping the voltage and reducing the die size so everything runs cooler, meaning a smaller console with less expensive cooling, meaning they can drop the unit price.

  5. Scase says:


    Checkmate retard peasants.

  6. Zeed says:

    How a DIE SHRINK is an upgrade ?? It will be as slow as it is…. Just using less power and running cooler thats it.

    • Scase says:

      “It’s rumored that the new 20nm processor MAY BE UP TO 30% FASTER than its 28nm predecessor whilst consuming 25% less power.”

      Feel free to re-read the part in caps. It’s faster (in theory) runs cooler and consumes less power. That checks off every box of the “Is it an upgrade” checklist.

  7. Scase says:

    The irony of this statement.

    Educate yourself a touch more in the English language, then come back.

  8. Trig says:

    To be fair, with some of the comments in this thread its the users that need the upgrades not the GPU/APU….

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