Xbox 360 gets significant boost in sales and Gold Subscriptions

/ 5 years ago

Although XBOX 360 is officially now 7 years old, but the console is still generating money for Microsoft and game developers. Xbox’s director of programming, Larry Hryb- aka Major Nelson- announced not only it sold more than 750,000 consoles during the thanksgiving week in U.S., but also 50% increase in Xbox Live Gold subscription.

If you’re thinking that such numbers was possible because of Black Friday deals, 270,000 Xbox 360 units through in October. If the sales numbers for Xbox 360 are consistent for now- with an exception of obvious boost in sales during the holidays- one has to wonder if Microsoft would be keen on releasing Xbox 720 soon.


Xbox Live data shows that there was more than 14 million people logged in to use their service this past Sunday- not just playing the latest and best games- but also using entertainment applications. The numbers resulted 43% increase in entertainment consumption.

Source: Techspot | Major Nelson’s Blog

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