Xbox 720 development kit sells for $20,100

/ 5 years ago

An Xbox 720 codename “durango” developer kit was recently listed on eBay. After being listed on eBay for quite a few days the owner eventually agreed to sell the Xbox 720 for a staggering $20,100. The dev kit received 43 bids with six days to go before the status was changed to sold.

The seller defended the auction on Twitter, pointing out that it wasn’t an empty case and that it was indeed a legitimate item; one of two in his possession. In a separate message, superDaE says he only expects people who know what it is to buy it. Otherwise there would be no reason to even place a bid – and we agree so fair play to him.

$20,100 is a lot for what is otherwise expected to be (at best) an Intel 8 core, Nvidia graphics card, a stack of RAM and large capacity hard drive inside. Note that Xbox developer kits are noticeably “over-spec’d” compared to standard version Xbox’s. We estimate that the sum value of the internal parts is probably in the region of a few thousands dollars at the most, clearly the rest of the value comes from curiosity and the desire for the prestige of such a unique item.

As you might expect, many people have been having their doubts that the seller is even legitimate – as this would be a great way for a scammer to pocket $20,100.


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