Xbox 720 (or Infinity) announcement expected at E3

/ 5 years ago

The announcement of Microsoft’s next gen gaming console (codenamed “Durango”) is expected to happen at the E3 2013 expo.

Xbox’s spokesperson Larry Hyrb added a countdown to E3 on his website, but did not specify what would Microsoft’s booth will involve.

There is speculation however that Microsoft’s answer to the Wii U console will arrive this Christmas. According to the leaked information, it would feature an Intel Quad Core processor, 4-8 GB memory and an Nvidia GPU. Its also expected that this console may come with the newer version of Kinect with up to 4 player support.

The console may have a name different to current expectations such as Xbox Infinity or maybe even Xbox 8. Microsoft already owns the domain names for the speculated console names to keep any rumours floating around until they release any further information. This is a very clever move on their part

Via: VR-Zone 

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