Xbox 720 to have Nvidia GPU and Intel 8 core

/ 6 years ago

Despite widespread reports that Microsoft’s Xbox 720 would pack an Intel CPU and AMD GPU, the latest leak states very much otherwise. According to a post on the Assembler Games forum, which was removed quickly with the user later being banned, the Xbox 720 developer kit features an Intel 8 core x86 processor and an Nvidia graphics processing unit.

A man operating under the name DaE tried to sell a “Durango” developer kit for $10,000. In addition to the Intel 8 core and Nvidia GPU the Xbox also packed 8GB of RAM, but the retail version is expected to have only 4GBs as developers are usually supplied with a higher spec’d models.

This also begs the question if the final retail version will have a scaled down CPU and GPU configuration too A screenshot from Microsoft Visual Studio also suggests that the system uses x86 CPU architecture, with AVX support, showing a move away from custom hardware.

The fact that developers claim to have been in possession of the Xbox 720 developer kits since February would suggest Microsoft is well on track for a 2013 release of the Xbox 720. The details are unconfirmed so far but anonymous sources from across the industry have stated that they are indeed accurate. The use of standard computer components would suggest the days of custom console hardware are a thing of the past.



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  1. Stephen says:

    This is the second report I’ve seen mentioning the hardware for the xbox 720. Have any news on the Xbox 720 price, so far i’ve only found a few articles like:

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