Xbox Lite rumored to release before next Xbox

/ 6 years ago

Microsoft will release a cheaper ‘Xbox Lite’ before its true next-generation console launches, it’s been claimed.

Infamous Microsoft leaker MS Nerd suggests we’ll see the new ARM-based Xbox 360 model launch in late 2013 at a around £100 / $100, with its next-gen console arriving “later”.

“At some point after [the Xbox Lite], we’ll see a Xbox Next, a true successor to the 360,” it writes. “Details about it are very hazy, except that, like the 360, it will do games for core-audiences and the same media apps as the other device, also with Kinect.”

The device sounds a lot like Xbox Loop, a codename previously rumoured to be in use internally at Microsoft for a smaller Kinect-focused product set to run on Windows 9.

However, Microsoft have confirmed there will be no new Xbox related hardware at E3 this year.

Source: CVG

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