Xbox Live Hit by DDoS Attack

/ 3 years ago

xbox ddos

On Monday, Xbox Live Gaming Servers were taken offline by a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack, with a hacker group known as Lizard Squad taking responsibility.

The attack took place on Monday at 8.37pm EST, and was followed shortly by a tweet from Lizard Squad, taking credit for the incident.

Xbox Live users in turn tweeted Microsoft about the outage, complaining about not being able to access their account. Microsoft did not respond.

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Lizard Squad has previously taken responsibility for DDoS attacks on the Sony PlayStation Network, the game Destiny, and “several EA games” (as yet unnamed). They seem to be pondering the target of their next attack.

Source: Tech Worm

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One Response to “Xbox Live Hit by DDoS Attack”
  1. Monaro says:

    Ok, crazy idea (bear with me):

    Report on the DDoSing if you have to, but for the love of god don’t give these attention seeking morons what they want (ie attention).

    Linking to their tweets is quite possibly one of the worst things you could be doing in this scenario. They’re after any attention they can get, the positive/negative variants are of no concern to them.

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