Xbox One Delay In Some European Countries Disappoints DICE Developers

/ 5 years ago


Just yesterday we revealed to you that the Xbox One would be delayed in many European countries and today DICE developers have responded to the Microsoft announcement with disappointment. Alan Kertz, the lead core gameplay director working at DICE, stated that “I see Microsoft seems intent on making it easier and easier to pick #PS4 for Gen4 in Sweden.”

Gustav Halling, a lead gameplay designed, says that the delay of the Xbox One in select countries is going to ensure that the Xbox One falls behind the Sony PlayStation 4 in terms of sales. Battlefield 4 will launch on both next generation consoles later on this year. That said we should expect to see the new title in November on the PS4 and at a similar time frame for the Xbox One though we’ve heard nothing specific about that.

Do you think Microsoft’s delay to the Xbox One in some countries will see them fall behind Sony’s PS4 in those countries in sales?

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