Xbox One GPU Speed Increased To Match PS4 Performance

/ 5 years ago


We’ve all heard and seen the numerous reports over the internet that the PS4 uses stronger hardware in terms of a GPU – that has more shaders and a higher clock speed as well as a “better” memory implementation compared to the Xbox One. Now a new report by the Examiner suggests that Microsoft have made some significant hardware changes in order to reach the PS4’s level of performance. Apparently the Xbox One has had its AMD GPU clock speed increased to reach the same levels of performance as the PlayStation 4.

Additionally the report states that the Xbox One could have the DDR3 RAM amount increased from 8GB to 12GB. Furthermore, the Xbox One development team is asking for developer feedback on any changes they want to see to the Xbox One in terms of hardware. The Xbox development team is reportedly completely aware of how the Xbox One stacks up against the PS4 and is making the necessary changes to ensure the Xbox One is capable of matching or beating the PS4.

If you are interested in seeing more details then do check out the full report as it is very in depth and has lots of quote from industry insiders.

Image courtesy of Microsoft

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43 Responses to “Xbox One GPU Speed Increased To Match PS4 Performance”
  1. Adam Richardson says:

    So much for the whole specs aren’t everything argument they were spouting not so long ago (if this is true)

  2. Scott B says:

    So basically they know the current performance sucks compared to the PlayStation and want to upgrade it enough to compete which could mean Sony may do the same and outperform again. I personally think they’ve done this a little too late as many or the majority of gamers have pre-ordered the PlayStation 4 and mean Microsoft will still lose on statistics and possibly lose money. No matter how much they try they will still not have a good start, their sales figures may increase a good amount a month or so after launch but until then we will have to wait and see.

    • d6bmg says:

      IO think yes, m$ have understood how weak their product is – compared to PS4.

      • d6bmg says:

        So it is some sort of damage control, some of which they have already done before by removing the need of 24x7x365 internet connection need.

  3. d6bmg says:

    hmm, timely upgrade I suppose.

  4. yashr8 says:

    Can’t wait to see Sony bump up the GDDR5 ram up to 12gb haha

  5. John says:

    “Bumping up the clock speed” Will not make up for extra shader cores, and adding more RAM instead of increasing it’s frequency will not help either. They should have reversed this by upgrading the actual hardware of the GPU, and replacing the 8GB of DDR3 with 8/6GB of DDR5.

    • nick setzer says:

      Too bad GDDR5 isnt better …. anyone who thinks it is is just basing their “facts” off of user based forums filled with uniformed users. Gddr5 has higher latency which means more false negstives/positives, which means cpu/apu have to redo the calculations using a parity system increasing strain hence decreasing performance, (assuming the parity system still cant fix this the data packet is lost causingstutter, framerate drops, freezing etc.) Pthis increased strain also increases heat within the system again adding strain and decreasing performance (not to mention increase in potential overheating) Gddr5 is great to move data off an external card as quickly as possible but as a total systems memory is ni better that a DDR3 with eSRAM setup in anyway (in fact worse) not to mention the stats on the ps4 processor are guesses especially considering we dont know what infrastruslcture the cores will ve using ( if xb1 has an open cl format and ps4 has … well any other format almost all games will run better on the xb1 regardless of any other stats. (But ps4 will still have potebtially better looking/performing exclusives) so until stats are released fully I say sony sits at a disadvanage almost fully due to the AMAZING GDDR5. There is a reason it isnt implemented in pc’s as a total systems RAM (and its not cost …)

      • nick setzer says:

        And sorry for the typos am typing on a phone so can only see small portions of text at a time and auto spell is killer

      • N2K12 says:

        Gddr5 is actually better. As for the ‘facts’ comment? Fail troll is fail. Hence why ps4 is better. And always will be better than micro$hit consoles.

        • nick setzer says:

          Well if you say gddr5 is better it must be true especially since you provided no explanation of why or how … so in what way is gddr5 better than ddr3 with eSRAM setup as a total systems memory? Keep in mind the information isnt being offloaded from a seperate card so increased latency is just stupid but like I said if im incorrect (I know I am not as I have direct knowledge of these technologies) go ahead and tell me why gddr5 is better AS IT IS IMPLEMENTED in the ps4. And what a surprise a fanboy instantly goes to his reflex reaction, calling anyone who disagrees with them a troll or fanboy … get a clue bro

          • N2K12 says:

            And people just love spreading their ‘knowledge’ then when other people go against that ‘knowledge’ they are told to stfu. You are wrong. Deal with it. Hahahahaha

          • nick setzer says:

            Ill take that as you have no information to support your theory. Figured. But I would like to clarify for you I never told you or anyone here to “stfu”… in fact the contrary is true I asked you to challege my information if it is incorrect. And you cant (at least not without making up some fairytale)

          • N2K12 says:

            what are you still doing here? I thought i told you to go fuck A cow? And i dont make up any fairytales you pathetic piece of shit troll. gddr5 is better. kthanxbai.

          • nick setzer says:

            Mmhmmm what a troll I am presenting unbiased and informed statements (but apparently saying anythingthing good about xb1 is trolling in you fanboy’s eyes. ) I would say baselessly insulting and uninformed statements are actual trolling but whatever makes you happy.

          • jay2oh says:

            and what case do you put forward for your statement? other than clearly your a obnoxious fag of a fan boy that thinks along as you insult more it some how makes you correct? I actually liked nick setzers points made sense is clearly facts but I thought surely someone might challenge this and I get you……seriously biggest waste of spunk ever

          • Rocco says:

            Wow, you are an ignorant, naïve, biased, unknowledgeable, big time Playstaton Fanboy/girl, who loves to TROLL, irritate, annoy, pest, your loyalty to your exclusive dedication to your 1 console (SONY). If you seriously don’t have anything intelligent to say, then why even bother debating people here that have a brain on the topic? As of right now you still have not intelligently debated your thoughts, or provided any information to prove your thoughts. Lashing out like a 5 year old will only make people here assume your a child. If you say people are wrong, then back it up intelligently. The truth of the matter is that the above statements on the GDDR5 is 100% correct, it does have it’s PROS (which means good), and CONS (which means bad). So just maybe, you are having a hard time dealing with that! Why? I have no idea, but why you feel the need to post such unintelligent comments only makes you look uneducated!

        • exbagboy says:

          At least the guy above you has knowledge backed up his comment. You don’t know anything about DDR or GDDR so STFU. We will see how well these consoles perform when they come out.

          • N2K12 says:

            I will not stfu. You dumb fuck. Gddr5 is better. Nuff said. Go fuck a cow.

          • nick setzer says:

            Saying gddr5 is better is like saying, diesel engines are better. It makes no sense diesel engines have their benefits. Just as theres times when diesel engines are the wrong choice there are times when gddr5 is the wrong choice

          • Tony says:

            How about if u go fuck yourself and ur PS4 somewhere else and leave this discussion to real gamers. Enough said.

        • Rocco says:

          That has to be one of the dumbest comments I have ever seen on any site to date! I just believe you are incapable of having an intelligent debate. PERIOD.

  6. smokes says:

    lol didnt microsoft say it wasnt about the hardware and there system was more optimized hahaha

  7. Nathaniel Watson says:

    Sorry but even the most advanced games of the current gen don’t come any where close to using 8 gb of ram. Bumping it up to 12 is just making customers waste money on specs they don’t need

    • Zeed says:

      stuff you dont need… Like kinect ??

    • nick setzer says:

      Its not that they can’t use the RAM its that they have to have some kind of standard epectations (yes even on pc). Skyrim when using certain mods (ones that smooth pixel production and another that one that renders the in game world in a much larger portion) uses around 6-7GB of RAM so if the intention of the next gen are even more massive worlds with less loading screens, jumps, etc than yea 12gb could help (just definately not really necessary) and the gpu upgrade all really depends on what the actuality of the specs for the CPU/APU really are. Basically until we have exact specs of the consoles buying based on power is absolutely ludicrous. Especially considering almost every game will look about the same (as there is only a certain level of detail games will reach as devs are not going to put the needed man hours toget any better.) I personally dont think anything since crysis 1 in 2008 has really gotten **much** better (if so very miniscule)

    • Rocco says:

      I highly doubt there will be a price increase to the console if the upgrades were to take place. Ultimately at the end, people will just get a console with better specs. That’s why I love the Competition. At the end, Gamers win!

  8. N2K12 says:

    More ram and a faster gpu huh? 12gb=pointless. I cant even break 4gb on 256×1440 wtf? And this ‘faster’ gpu will be the same one that’s already in there, and overclocked. More heat, more problems, just because microshit cant accept 2nd place.

    • Rocco says:

      Last time I checked it’s called “competition”. com·pe·ti·tion

      1. The act of competing, as for profit or a prize; rivalry.
      2. A test of skill or ability; a contest: .
      3. Rivalry between two or more businesses striving for the same customer or market. <———————–
      4. A competitor: The competition has cornered the market.

      • jay2oh says:

        yeah its pretty much just last tweaks few months before they release anything like gpu’s,cpu’s,consoles,smartphones and almost everything really

  9. OverfiendUK says:

    Meh. Save a little longer and buy a pc people.

    • Zeed says:

      i alrd got 1700f gaming machine. But i cant play Drive club on it can i ??

    • jay2oh says:

      exactly its preparing for the future as I went pc around 3 years ago and now its starting to pay off because while everyones dashing to get preorders and paying over £300 for new consoles i’ve already exceeded all 3 consoles combined wanna see what the next gen graphics will be like people? instead of waiting for your xboxone or ps4 just come to my house im looking at it right now

  10. Mikeestes2012 says:

    Look I know these are all extras for xbox and you can say its not needed but with higher gpu and more ram makes it more powerful and for $100 more it should be. point is hardware now makes
    It makes it better than ps4

  11. Sean Patrick DeMarco says:

    XBONE still is a spy machine and thus I am getting a PS4

  12. jay2oh says:

    its called “tweaking”

  13. Jason Philip Smith says:

    You’re all on drugs

  14. Aria68 says:

    lol the rumour of 12 gb of memory has already been debunked by MS offcials, plus even with a %6 boost to x1’s GPU clock speed, x1 will have 1.31 tflops of computing raw power against PS4’s 1.84 tflops, that’s still more than %40 …
    It’s over guys, PS4 is undoubtedly the most powerful next gen console.

  15. Rupz007 says:

    What are you taking about! don’s write articles if you cannot understand basic hardware fundamentals!! PS4 GPU has physically 18 Compute units vs Xbox ones 12 (even if you over clock the xBox One GPU you cannot push enough screen pixels 1080p at 60fps) and the fact that it has a unified HuMa (with volatile bit enabled) shars same CPU and GPU memory simultaneously. if you care to read:

    • Ryan Martin says:

      Don’t be an absolute bell end. No one knew the internals of the Xbox One when this article was written, everything was based on rumours. I’m pretty certain I know more about “basic hardware fundamentals” than you do.

  16. bobbobberson says:

    Recently got my xbox one.. Frame rate drops are horrible. It runs games at 720p and still has frame rate lag… It freezes when trying to run 2 programs (which was one of it’s look at us things, so it should not be freezing when it is done)… Xbox one is the worst performing console I have ever played (and I had a dreamcast)

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