Xbox One LIVE Store Digital Download Prices Revealed

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With the release of Xbox One just a day away there will be many people who have got their pre-orders in place, not only for the console, but also for the game. However, for those that aren’t picking up physical copies of their games, or are setting some cash aside for extra downloads, we have the pricing information for you.

One user who got his console early has been quick to take pictures of the prices from the dashboard of the console, obviously there is a chance they could change, but this closely it is unlikely that the prices will change for at least a few more days yet.

Upon setting up your Xbox One you’ll be able to enjoy the following games, all prices are taken from the UK Xbox Live service.

  • Crimson dragon – £15.99
  • Ki ultra – £31.99 – single character 3.99
  • Power star golf – £15.99
  • Zoo tycoon – £49.99
  • Loco cycle – £15.99
  • Zumba fitness – unavailable – 24gb
  • Assassins Creed IV – £54.99
  • Angry Bird: Star Wars – £35.19
  • Madden – £54.99
  • Just Dance – 39.99
  • Fighter Within – £49.99
  • Battlefield 4 – £54.99
  • Need for Speed – £54.99
  • Dead Rising 3 – £44.99 – Day one Premium edition (with DLC) – £64.99
  • EA NBA – £54.99
  • COD Ghosts – £54.99 (Listed as £9.99 if digital version bought already via Xbox 360)
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The prices aren’t too disimilar from the retail prices, although personally I wouldn’t feel comfortable paying around £50 for a game that I don’t physically own.

Thank you AVForums for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Xbox One Daily.

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3 Responses to “Xbox One LIVE Store Digital Download Prices Revealed”
  1. Skidmarks says:

    I wouldn’t feel comfortable paying 50 quid for a game. Period.
    PC games (I’m talking AAA newly released games on a physical medium) are generally half the price of console games over here and I’m hoping it doesn’t change anytime soon.

    • James Armstrong says:

      I agree with Skidmarks.
      I noticed recently that Sony, Microsoft & Nintendo charge around £50 per game.
      I’m quite happy with PC pricing, and cd key websites are quite competitive and keep prices quite low. Steam aren’t so bad, much better than console platforms, especially with the festive sales.

      I think if they lowered the price for a digital download on a console, then they’ll get more sales anyway.

  2. Flenix says:

    Someone explain why digital copies are MORE expensive. Why would I pay £50 for something I can buy in a shop for £40, and sell again. Digital copies don’t need to worry about shipping, producing the physical disk/box, shop’s cut etc… surely they should be around £20?

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