Xbox One Out December 5th and Costs €600/$775 Says Retailer

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The Xbox One was announced by Microsoft just over a week ago and since then speculation for it has taken off. Yet Microsoft’s press event about the Xbox One told us very little except about its TV features and the new Call of Duty game it will get.

Now we are getting those details that Microsoft won’t tell us, from the retailers who will be selling Microsoft’s new Xbox One console. Spanish Xtralife has listged the Xbox One console for €600 which translates into about $775 and £525. In addition they have told us that the launch date will be December the 5th,

Obviously both details could just be a stab in the dark. Xtralife could be hedging the price high to shield themselves from Microsoft producing a higher than expected price and thus leaving them with a shortfall. For example they could do pre-orders at €400 but if Microsoft brings the console to market at €500 then they lose €100 on every order. The release date on the other hand seems quite particular. If they didn’t know the exact date then they could of just suggested, late 2013 or Winter 2013 – yet they didn’t, they specified December the 5th.

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So there you have it, December the 5th for €600, what are your thoughts on the pricing and release date?

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One Response to “Xbox One Out December 5th and Costs €600/$775 Says Retailer”
  1. Wayne says:

    Take it with a large pinch of salt.

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