Xbox One Overtakes PS4 On Amazon Pre-Orders

/ 4 years ago


With Microsoft recently making a complete u-turn on many of its Xbox One policies, importantly those on used games and DRM, Microsoft’s fortunes are already turning around rather quickly. According to MCV the Xbox One is ahead of the PlayStation 4 on Amazon UK for pre-orders while in the USA (as you can see in the image above) the Xbox One is also ahead of the PlayStation 4 on

This news is probably surprising to some because many thought that the PlayStation 4 would have created quite a lead in the past few weeks as Microsoft dug its own grave. Yet apparently sales were not as bad as many predicted and with Microsoft caving in to consumer pressure in making a u-turn on policy it now seems that the Xbox One is going to charge on ahead and sell more than the PlayStation 4.

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Interestingly the Xbox One is still ahead despite costing a full $100/€100 more and being less powerful in terms of its hardware specifications. We’ll keep you updated as time goes on and let you know if anything changes in the pre-order sales race between Microsoft and Sony.

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  • Jason Philip Smith

    This picture doesn’t prove to me that Xbox is selling more.

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