Xbox One Party Chat Might Be Incompatible With Xbox 360 Chat

/ 5 years ago


Microsoft’s Xbox One party chat system includes numerous improvements over that of the Xbox 360 including a new audio codec with a wider bandwidth from improved voice and audio quality. Due to this main change in technology it means that it is unlikely the Xbox 360 and Xbox One chat systems will work together. according to Microsoft’s Xbox Community Manager, Larry Hryb, on Reddit.

“I’ve asked – based on what I know of the voice system, I would be surprised if this was possible. The Xbox One uses an all new wide bandwidth (read: better voice quality) CODEC, so I doubt they are compatible.”

He did however state that Microsoft doesn’t officially know if this will be the case and such details could change. Whether the two are made compatible depends on how much time and effort Microsoft wants to invest into making such inter-console compatibility possible.

“Again, this may change..I need to check.”

Image courtesy of Microsoft

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