Xbox One Pre-Orders Beat Xbox 360 Pre-Orders, Nearly Sold Out In U.S

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According to Xbox Live Community Manager, Larry Hryb, the Xbox One has now out-sold the Xbox 360 if you compare the same pre-order time period durations. With the Xbox One already being more popular than the Xbox 360 was in terms of pre-orders, it isn’t surprising that the Xbox One is now nearly sold out in the USA at most retailers.

Larry Hryb, aka Major Nelson, said the following:

“Just found out #XboxOne preorders are trending ahead of Xbox 360 preorders during the same time period + sold out at most U.S. retailers.”

Despite a troubled start the Xbox One is now taking off in popularity which is good news for Microsoft. What everyone wants to know though, is that come November when both next generation consoles launch who will be in the lead then? Despite the PlayStation 4 getting a minor head start over the Xbox One on sales during the “troubled times” for Microsoft’s Xbox One, the Xbox One remained close behind is now almost definitely in the lead.

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Have any of you bought an Xbox One or PlayStation 4 yet?

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  • Dragos Popescu

    This is BS!

  • Zetsumei Ikari

    “According to Xbox Live Community Manager” – Oh ok then

  • Wayne

    “Have any of you bought an Xbox One or PlayStation 4 yet?”

    I’ve got better things to waste my money on thanks.