Xbox One Users Experiencing TV Motion Judder

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It’s another day and yet another problem has been troubling users of the new Xbox One. One of the many new features that Microsoft have added to the console is integrating the output from a TV receiver into the front end. Mixing this with the OneGuide service, users are presented with a simplified viewing experience where everything can be done from the console. Naturally not every user is going to use a separate box, but those that do are more than likely going to have a strong interest in setting up this service.

Where the new problem has arisen is with regards to the signal that the console receives from the attached TV receiver. Most of the home entertainment systems that are available here in the UK work on a 50Hz input/ output, however Microsoft’s consoles work to the US standard of 60Hz. What this effectively means is that the Xbox and TV receiver are working to two different standards and with the Xbox running at a higher rate, there is going to be a visual indication that something is wrong.

In a similar way to the lag that gamers experience when their graphics card is put under a heavy workload in-game, Xbox One users are experiencing motion judder as repeated frames are being displayed at a higher rate than what the console is receiving. At this moment in time Microsoft are looking to work on a permanent fix for this problem (only adding to the workload they already have from the numerous other problems that have come to light), however there is only a temporary fix that tricks the console to output at 50Hz.

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A reader from HDTVtest, a UK-based TV review site, has listed a guide for users to follow which defaults the One to a 50Hz output signal, thus eliminating the stuttering effect that may have been seen. In this guide, ‘kevgallacher’ instructs users to go into their screen settings, change the input to auto-detect HDMI and set the resolution to 1080p. When applying the settings, the console will ask if this display has appeared correctly and by selecting ‘no’, the console will drop the output from 60Hz down to 50Hz.

This issue is likely to affect users that are not just in the UK, however it is going to be a region specific issue; affecting only those who are in countries where broadcasts are made at 50Hz. Until Microsoft can come up for a permanent solution for this, ideally with an option being added to the system settings, this manual fix will have to do the trick.

Source: CNET

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One Response to “Xbox One Users Experiencing TV Motion Judder”
  1. Futilizer says:

    It’s funny, they have had over 8 years to test and retest problems over and over. How do they miss things like this? I understand some things can be almost impossible to predict but this is a HUGE overlook. Why is it becoming more common place for products being released unfinished?

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