Xbox One Users May See Some GPU Optimizations Heading to Their Consoles Soon

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There has been a lot of debate between PS4 and Xbox One users and which is best powerhouse console in terms of performance. The truth is that it all comes down to optimizations performed on the OS. Just like Apple makes their low-spec older devices run as smooth as the new ones, the same principle can be applied to every device running on an OS.

Microsoft tends to agree and it looks like the company is now drawing in some new staff to help out with improving the Xbox One graphics performance. According to their job listing, the company is looking for an experienced Software Engineer that has a lot of C and C++ experience and knows his stuff around DirectX, GPU performance optimization, HLSL, texture formats and compression.

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The listing also states that, aside from the above, Microsoft’s ideal candidate is someone who can really push GPUs to their limit and get the best kick out of them. Also, the candidate is required to work closely with game developers in sorting out the glitches and low framerate issues that give headaches when trying to develop something with amazing graphics on Microsoft’s console.

What this means is that we can possibly look forward to some framerate increase and maybe even see that 1080p gameplay we are all looking forward to see on our consoles? Who knows. But fingers crossed either way.

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One Response to “Xbox One Users May See Some GPU Optimizations Heading to Their Consoles Soon”
  1. Scion says:

    First they gotta hire this Jesus of coding, then wait for him to figure out how to make the miracle Micosoft is asking of him… I think it’s going to be a long time until this patch hits :3

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