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Xbox Series X/S 1TB NVMe Expansion Module to Cost £159

With it being confirmed that the Xbox Series S and X will come with 512GB and 1TB storage drives (respectively) while this certainly initially felt like plenty of space, the more you consider it, the more you begin to understand just how quickly (and easily) this could get filled up! 21st-century gaming problems, right?…

As such, it’s hardly surprising to see that both the Xbox and PS5 both come with options to expand it even further. In terms of the NVMe module for the new Xbox designs, however, in a report via TechPowerUp it has been confirmed that the 1TB expansion module will retail for £159. And while this might sound expensive, it’s actually, in the grand scheme of things, seemingly pretty decent value.

Xbox Series X/S 1TB NVMe Expansion Module

Admittedly, £160 for 1TB of storage does seem rather expensive by todays PC desktop standards. What you do have to consider, however, is that the Xbox uses extremely fast custom designed storage. Offering speeds practically on par with PCI-E 4.0, when you look comparatively at what those drives costs, £160 isn’t actually that badly priced. You can’t, at the very least, accuse Microsoft of attempting to gouge customers here.

What Do We Think?

I think more than anything though, the main gripe from consumers (rightly or wrongly) is that with 1TB of storage in even the beefiest model, it doesn’t really feel like enough in 2020. Let alone what the next presumable 5-6 years of gaming releases will bring us. While it seems that any owner of a new Xbox will undoubtedly sooner or later have to purchase this storage update, on the plus side, at least it isn’t being ridiculously priced.

If anything, and as above, it’s actually rather sensible.

What do you think? Are you looking to get an Xbox Series X or S console? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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