Xclio Touch 767 Full-Tower PC Chassis Review

/ 5 years ago

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Today were taking a look at the Touch 767 Full-Tower PC Chassis from Xclio, which is something a little different a lot of the other chassis we’ve reviewed recently, namely because of its innovative touch control panel that is built into the top of the chassis, which of course we’ll be taking a closer look at shortly, but first of all I know Xclio are not the most known name in the industry but as with any company in the PC customisation and self build scene, they have their loyal followers much as any other component manufacturer and with this chassis clearly aimed at the gaming / enthusiast market, I was keep to see what it had to offer.

“XCLIO”s philosophy on designing cases is one of simplicity and practicality. XCLIO design group combines the expertise and ideas from designers locally and aboard. Our designs are verified against guidelines from the CE/FCC testing lab, temperature-testing lab, noisy testing lab, so we can achieve the following:

Simplicity and Practicality
Unique Designs
Super Quiet
Absolutely heat dissipation
Worldwide safety regulations

So our customers receive the best product design and unique options available in the market.” – http://www.xclio.com

Come and take a look at the next few pages where we will be putting the Touch 767 though our tests and seeing just what it has to offer.

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One Response to “Xclio Touch 767 Full-Tower PC Chassis Review”
  1. Troy Erfe says:

    The touch panel stuff is not really cool, i find the twisty and pushNpull with custom LED way cooler; not enough space if you are trying to make a fan cooled system.

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