XFX 850W Black Edition Modular Power Supply Review

/ 7 years ago

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Power supplies have always been a vital part of a computer system. Without them you won’t be doing anything and thankfully users are being lectured about their importance. Back in the day systems didn’t require massive amounts of power and if they did you could get away with buying something cheap and cheerful and the job was done. Nowadays you will find that there are more important aspects of a power supply including the efficiency, the rails, the connections, the wattage and the certification.

With so many brands of power supply on the market, it takes a lot of research to firstly find the right brand, secondly find the right wattage and then thirdly finding a product that satisfies the first two criteria.

XFX are a leading manufacturer in the video card world supplying the latest AMD Radeon graphics cards with funky styling, extreme performance and good values. Over the past year,, XFX have carried on doing what they do best, but have also entered the power supply market releasing a whole line of PSUs in various wattages in the hope to tick all of the right boxes.

Their product range consists of the Black edition, XXX edition and Core edition units ranging from 650 to 850 watts in power and giving fantastic benefits including rated 80 plus efficiency, SLI capabilities and a continuous stream of power.

Today we’ll be taking a look at the 850W Black edition modular power supply from them to see how it fairs. This power supply is manufactured by Seasonic and based on an award-winning unit of theirs; the M12D. XFX have given the unit a bit of style flair and the trusted branding that have got XFX to where they are today.

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