XFX AMD 390X Unboxing Appears on Youtube

/ 3 years ago

XFX R9390X

While most of the attention is focused on AMD’s upcoming Fury flagship, the regular Rx 300 series also set to get some new faces. Rumoured to be a largely the same as the current Rx 200 series of cards, images purporting to be an XFX R9 390X popped up on XFx’s R9 290X page. Now one lucky fellow has posted a unboxing video of his XFX 390X itself, reportedly from Best Buy of all places.

While the video is scant on details, the R9 390X logo and box art matches up well with the image from XFX’s site.There is a chance that this could be a sophisticated fake, but there are some reasons it might not be. If AMD is aiming for a hard launch on June 16th next week, retailers probably already have stock and all their POS systems ready for the cards. The card also reportedly cost $450 which is close to the $480 previous leaks have suggested. What probably happened is a hapless Best Buy employee  mistakenly placed the 390X out early or the store manager messed up by putting it on display early.

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There have been scant details if the R9 390X will be a straight up rebrand of the R9 290X or would it feature a minor tweak. The mid range Tonga, set to replace the complete Tahiti line is based on GCN 1.2, an update from GCN 1.0. Code named Grenada, the chip powering the 390X might also see an update from GCN 1.1 to GCN 1.2. With less than a week to go, the wait shouldn’t be too bad for those waiting on AMD’s latest cards. For those that are impatient, MoNkEyHuGgEr369, the uploader might have some benchmarks coming soon.

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3 Responses to “XFX AMD 390X Unboxing Appears on Youtube”
  1. RacistPenguin says:

    Look at this guy… he doesn’t even know what he’s got in his hands.

  2. Mathew Lisett says:

    its been reposted, which is funny since hes screen captured his own youtube video…so weird https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b3QuwujjIp8

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