XFX HD 7990 Triple Dissipation Graphics Card Revealed

/ 4 years ago


Inpai, via ChipLoco, reveals that XFX is preparing a custom version of AMD’s HD 7990 graphics card. The HD 7990 Triple Dissipation from XFX takes AMD’s most recent HD 7990 and gives it the XFX Dissipation cooling solution which in this case is now a “triple D” not a “double D” like on their previous HD 7970s.


XFX have changed very little with AMD’s reference design as this card still uses reference clock speed and a reference PCB. Though XFX’s modified cooler adds additional cooling capabilities with 8 copper heatpipes (4 per GPU), two large heatsink stacks and three 90mm fans. XFX also outfit a custom rear PCI cover design that has the XFX logo integrated.

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Four mini Display Ports and a DVI-D port make up the rear I/O. AMD’s HD 7990 currently sells for between $700-800 and this one is expected to be priced towards the top end of that bracket.

More pictures can be found here.

Images courtesy of Inpai

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  1. 63Jax says:

    …if it’s not insanely specced i don’t see the point of thins gpu at this time :/

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