XFX Radeon HD5850 Black Edition 1GB Graphics Card Video Review

/ 7 years ago

Today we are looking at the XFX Radeon HD 5850 1GB Graphics Card.

Being a black edition card, it is a limited edition card with XFX claim to be faster than any card in the XFX lineup, or any card on the planet for that matter.

The black edition card is a hand picked GPU with membership to the XFX exclusive club, giving live RMA support, priority for black edition owners with a chance to get hold of products before their launch, and a chance to go to XFX open days.

XFX state that its the best of the best, the GPU is picked and tested throughly before releasing.

  • aruffell

    I have to admit, i really like this graphics card, and me and the marketing guy from XFX both agreed that if we had the money, we'd go for this card out of the whole range of 5xxx series cards.Andy

  • patheticcockroach

    Aruffell;10567 wrote: we'd go for this card out of the whole range of 5xxx series cards.

    The 5850 is great, the 5870 is greater, and the 5970 is greatest 😀

  • aruffell

    For money vs performance though, i think the 5850 is the best bang for buck. The 5970 is too heavy priced.Andy

  • patheticcockroach

    Well, at release time the 5970 was twice the price of the 5850 and did perform somewhat like a pair of CrossFired 5850. So approximately the same perf/price ratio… depending (a lot?) on local price variations I guess. Plus maybe noone needs the perf of the 5970 yet, except maybe for Crysis 😀

  • MTA99

    I wish I could justify the price of a 5850 (or above), the performance and features look amazing!!

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