XFX Radeon RX 6800 XT Speedster Merc 319 Pictured!

Around a week ago XFX released a teaser video on their Twitter account that gave us our first look at their upcoming custom AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT ‘Speedster Merc 319’ graphics card. Now, admittedly, at the time they certainly didn’t reveal much with the GPU only being shown from certain angles and with a deliberately blurred focus. Following a report via Videocardz, however, we now have our first confirmed images of what the Speedster Merc 319 will actually look like!

XFX Radeon RX 6800 XT Speedster Merc 319

With it likely set to be the replacement design model for XFX’s prior, and exceptionally popular (and highly-distinctive), ‘THICC’ graphics cards, the Speedster Merc 319 carries over a lot of the aesthetics seen in that design. Sadly though, between the two, the Speedster Merc 319 does seem to have lost a lot of the unique styling that made the ‘THICC’ so easily recognizable.

Gone is the ‘Chevvy’ style grill to the end and, quite frankly, the backplate with ‘Merc’ plastered over it just doesn’t seem fitting with the sleek and stylish presentation of the main fan area. It almost looks like an exceptionally crude afterthought.

Overall, this one particular aesthetic choice makes the XFX Speedster Merc 319 look a little disappointing and, from a personal perspective, I think I’d be looking at a verticle mounting bracket if I owned this GPU.

Putting the backplate to one side, however, there are still many design aspects that will undoubtedly be appealing to consumers. Chief among which is its black coloring. Yes, as mad as it sounds, for such a basic design choice, consumers are crying out for more stylish all-black graphics cards. And in that regard, at least the XFX Speedster Merc 319 mostly hits that remit!

When Will We Know More?

The official embargo for custom AMD RX 6800/XT graphics cards arrives on November 25th and, as such, you can expect to hear a lot of news surrounding non-reference designs, from various manufacturers, in the very near future. In regards to XFX, however, as much as I loved the ‘THICC’, I think they’ve dropped the ball a little with the Speedster Merc 319.

No, it doesn’t look bad, but it doesn’t look anything near as good as the THICC either!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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