XFX Release Teaser Video of its 6800 XT ‘Speedster Merc 319’

With the first batch of AMD Radeon 6000 graphics cards set to officially launch later this week, there is clearly a lot of anticipation both from critics and consumers as to whether these new GPUs really do have the potential to start giving Nvidia some headaches in terms of top-spec gaming performance.

Now, admittedly, this initial release will just largely see reference-based models hit the market, but we’ve seen more than enough evidence over the last couple of weeks to know for a fact that AIB partners are, pretty much, ready to go! And in something of yet another strong hint towards this, XFX has released a very brief teaser video showcasing their upcoming ‘Speedster Merc 319’ series of Radeon 6000 graphics cards.

XFX Radeon 6000 ‘Speedster Merc 319’

Based on the very limited information contained within the video, with it’s sleek black and silver design, it would appear that the ‘Speedster Merc 319’ is something of a replacement for their highly-popular ‘THICC’ designs and, as such, we can likely expect that particular line-up, at least temporarily, to be ceased in favor of this new ‘Speedster Merc 319’ branding.

Something that I must confess I find a moderate pity as the XFX ‘THICC’ GPUs were (arguably) some of the most attractive available on the market with their highly-distinctive ‘grill’.

When Will We Know More?

As above, although AMD Radeon 6000 reference GPUs will be released on November 18th, we don’t expect custom AIB partner designs to land until a couple of weeks later. If you are, however, particularly holding out for a later revision that may feature even more gaming potential, XFX certainly seems to be ready for you. – Let’s just hope that AMD’s stock situation is better than Nvidia’s, and from what we’ve heard so far, it probably isn’t!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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