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Xigmatek Mach Mid-Tower Chassis Review


The interior of the chassis has been treated to an all black paint job, giving the Mach a nice uniform appearance.

There’s a nice quality 120mm fan pre-installed in the back.

A little extra ventilation room at the top. There’s easily room in the back for a 120mm AIO water cooler too.

Storage is well catered for, with a dedicated 2.5″ drive bay and a dedicated 3.5″ drive bay; you can also screw a single 2.5″ drive to the base of the chassis.

There’s three 5.25″ drive bays, not that a lot of people use optical drives anymore, but you could always use adaptors to add more hard drive space in these bays.

Around the back, you’ll find a fairly limited amount of cable routing space. The side panel will give you some room to play with, but I’m certain you’ll still have to bundle some cables in the front of the chassis, especially if you don’t have a modular PSU.

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Peter Donnell

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