XTracPads Ripper XXL Mousepad Surface Video Review

/ 8 years ago

Today we are looking at the XTracPads Ripper XXL mousepad surface.

This is an extremely large mousepad surface which is ready to cater for your keyboard and mouse combination.

It spans 914mm wide and 457mm high and is made from Nanofibre textile which includes a rubber backing so stop it from slipping about.

This pad in most cases will take up your whole work area.



One Response to “XTracPads Ripper XXL Mousepad Surface Video Review”
  1. killap4oc says:

    Great video review Andy! Now I know how to finally pronounce your last name too =). I've been needing a new mouse pad for a while now. I believe this might just fit the ticket =), being comfy and all =D.

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