XWired Games’ City Living Heads to the PC on IndieCity

/ 6 years ago

Jubilant with cries of “It’s finally done” and “Can I take a vacation now?”, the developers at XWired Games today announced the release of City Living: Urban Stories on the PC, before swiftly returning to the dark hovel which spawned them.

Presented in a digital board game style, City Living: Urban Stories is a time management sim focused on guiding a character on their journey through modern life. Available on IndieCity, the PC release of the game coincides with an update to the Mac version of City Living, and brings with it new character models and several graphical updates.

“Whenever someone asks you to describe a game, you instinctively start to compare it to games that are similar to what you’ve done, or perhaps to games that the other person may have experience with – ‘its a bit like this game’ or ‘remember that game? its kind of like that game’. With City Living: Urban Stories, I always struggle to make that comparison. It’s quite a unique game and hopefully PC fans will think that’s a good thing”, said Designer and Artist Phil Clark.

He went on to add, “Of course, labelling a game with its genre is always a good start describing it – and City Living definitely has a genre. I’m 90 to 96% sure it’s a time management game… or is it a Sim. I think I’ve heard someone describe it as a Strategy too! Beyond that obvious description, I think it’s really hard to compare it to other games of the same genre, or just other games in general. It’s features, it’s gameplay, it’s looks – the combination is a little different. so it’s something that most people won’t have experienced before. It’s never quite how they thought it would be, it’s just City Living, and I think is a pretty good thing to be able to say.”

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