Yahoo Purcahses Another Startup Company – Image Recognition Company IQ Engines

/ 4 years ago


Marissa Mayer’s famous Yahoo policy of buying new startup companies continues and the latest company to be sucked into Yahoo’s ever growing portfolio is IQ Engines. This latest acquisition by Yahoo comes after they recently took over social browsing company Rockmelt and social blogging platform Tumblr. According to TechCrunch Yahoo is using its same policy of closing down the company’s operations before integrating it into their portfolio and operations.

IQ Engines specialise in helping to tag and organise photos. The company produced the “Glow” image recognition platform which tells you what a scene, object, landmark, text and who a person in any photograph is. The team at IQ Engines will probably be integrated into Yahoo’s Flickr department. In recent months Yahoo have acquired dozens of companies such as Tumblr, GoPollGo, Sumly, Astrid, Rockmelt and others. Marissa’s shopping spree continues. There will no doubt be many more to come before the year is out. The value and details of this deal are still not fully known.

Image courtesy of Yahoo

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