Yahoo gets “Bing-Powered” in another 7 countries and the Middle East

/ 7 years ago

Yahoo has annouced that it will be using Microsoft’s search engine Algorithm, more commonly know as the search engine Bing, to power its own searches in Austria, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Russia, the Netherlands, Sweden and most of the Middle East and North Africa. Which is set to make Bing an even stronger power in the search engine market as Yahoo is now essentially Bing under a different name in most of the world.

Yahoo now has plans to move all Asian , African , South American and any other countries that have yet to be moved into using the Bing algorithm which can only be good for Bing since it gives them a stronger base to fight against Google’s dominance. For Yahoo it seems to be having a good affect on them too, the Bing algorithm seems to be more successful and faster resulting in higher customer satisfaction.


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