Yahoo To Reset Accounts That Have Been Inactive For More Than 12 Months

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Yahoo offer a lot of services these days but it seems that not many of us actually use them. In fact this has become such a problem for Yahoo that it has decided anyone that hasn’t logged onto their account in at least 12 months will have their account reset.

According to Yahoo this move will happen on July the 15th 2013 and basically they want to free up all those User IDs of accounts that people have made but don’t use. They feel this is unfair on people and the best way to make it fair is allow those that actually use the service to have the IDs they want.

However, the process of getting one of these newly freed up IDs isn’t going to be simple. You have to stake a claim on it, quickly I’d imagine, then a month later Yahoo will let you know whether you get it or not.

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But the message here is simple, if you care about your Yahoo account and your Yahoo username then you need to log into it by July 15th 2013. If you don’t it will be reset. We aren’t sure what “reset” means in relation to everything that is stored on your Yahoo account as Yahoo didn’t specify, but we imagine your username is reset and your account data isn’t deleted. Although if your Yahoo account is registered to a Yahoo email which is derived from your Yahoo ID then I don’t see how you’d ever be able to recover your account after the reset.

I know I myself am guilty of this having made an account in late 2009 which I haven’t logged onto since 2009. What about any of you? How many of you have Yahoo accounts? And how many of you actually use it?

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2 Responses to “Yahoo To Reset Accounts That Have Been Inactive For More Than 12 Months”
  1. d6bmg says:

    Once I made an account, but I don’t use it anyway and would not use it.
    It’s a good thing that they are deleting useless accounts like mine.

  2. I use yahoo email I have 4 email accounts LOL

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